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Features of our solution

Vendor Development

TTD Logistics  asset-light model is supported by more than 500 vendors (transport partners) whom we refer to as BAs (Business Associates)

We selects its BAs on the basis of:

  • Number of vehicles owned
  • Maintenance/Quality of vehicles
  • Financial strength of the vendors
  • Operations capability
  • Experience of drivers

Areas of vendor development and performance analysis:

  • Performance on SLAs
  • Vehicle quality
  • Transit time adherence
  • GPRS enablement
  • Timeliness of MIS
  • Transit damages

“Based on performance, we categorize our vendors into Gold, Silver & Bronze and conduct loyalty programs including events like ‘Business Partner Awards Night’ etc “



Signing contracts with vendors – Legal Compliance

Minimum wages & working hours for their drivers – Statutory Compliance


Driver Engagement & Welfare

  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Trainings
  • Health Check-ups
  • Providing basic amenities
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Visiting Drivers’ families